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9:14 AM
  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your program. I have been blessed to receive oil from you several times, this year included. It has really been a lifesaver ! God Bless you and thank you again ! Sincerely, Theresa Gervell   Theresa Gervell
Mahanoy City, PA
1:51 PM
  thanks you for helping me with my gas bill- i sincerely appreciate this help   dianne powell
worcester, MA
12:44 PM
  Extremely helpful. I got the information I wanted quickly. I appreciate the concise format you have on this website. I wish I had found it earlier.   John
Hingham, MA
12:43 PM
  You are dong a better job than and ,Mass 211. They need to step up their A game, because that is their job by law. Maybe you can work with them?   Maxwell
Franklin, MA
11:23 AM
  You asked for my feedback, and I'm glad to be able to say that is the clearest, most cogent of all the Web sites I've bookmarked having to do with entitlement benefits for persons with psychiatric disabilities in this Commonwealth.   Nicholas Snell
Roxbury, MA
5:45 PM
  I use it all the time.   Fred Hapgood
Brighton, MA

8:15 PM
  Great site, LOTS of good information.   Mary
Billerica, MA
3:12 PM
  I just found a job. I searched the site and would like to comment that it would be helpful to have a page on procedures on how and when to stop your heat, SNAP, and medical assistance.
Reply: Each program has its own rules about when to report income changes or other changes that may affect benefits. For example, see SNAP: What changes do I have to report? and MassHealth: What changes do I have to report? If you get a job and your income goes up, you should check the rules for each type of assistance you receive.
Cambridge, MA
10:42 AM
  This is the most useful website for MA residents. I was wondering if you could add a resource category for folks (women, men, children etc.) that are being abused. Thank you!
Reply: We hope to add that resource category in the future. For the time being, you can use the search box (at the top of every page) to find information about legal assistance, shelters, protective services, and other resources for people who are being abused.
  Tabitha Monahan
Quincy, MA
4:22 PM
  I am impressed by the comprehensive list of resources available through this site. I have one question- is there any option for organizing resources by region? I have missed that option if it is available currently. If it is not, may I suggest it?... Reply: Most of the programs and resources we describe are statewide, with links to local agency directories.   Sherri
Foxborough, MA